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In general, I tend to update this fleetlist roughly monthly, after Buses magazine and the PSV Circle News Sheet. Any corrections or comments are welcome - you can email me at . When I do these updates, I'll also put in any other things I've spotted, or heard about (only reliable information), so sometimes this list might be a wee bit ahead of Buses or the PSV Circle News Sheet.

This fleetlist was updated on 15/10/19 with Buses Octoberr 2019 and the September 2019 PSV Circle News Sheet.

First Glasgow Fleetlist - Click the icon above to see the fleetlist, or download it by right clicking and going to "Save Target As".


Buses are arranged in First national fleet number order, so artics come first, then coaches, then double decks, then midibuses, then minibuses, then single decks.

Ancillaries all come at the end regardless of whether they are numbered in the 9xxxx series or not.


This is a bus spot. This shows I have spotted the bus at some point over its life.


These are the 5-digit First "asset numbers" and are shown in bold, unless they are definitely not carried on the vehicle.

Local no.

These are the alphanumeric traditional Glasgow fleetnumbers which many vehicles retain "on paper", although they are no longer allocated to new arrivals.


A star in this column indicates that the bus is part of the "Star Bus" anti-vandalism idea. The theory is that eventually the whole fleet will be Star buses. A bus is cleared of all vandalism and accident damage. It then has gold stars stuck on either side of the destination box, and should be thoroughly cleaned and de-vandalised on return to the depot.


This is usually the vehicle allocation, but occasionally its geographic location for things like reserve or withdrawn vehicles. 

1 letter depot codes indicate First Glasgow (No.1) depots. 2 letter depot codes indicate First Glasgow (No.2) depots. Depot codes are as follows:

BL Blantyre









If a bus is allocated to the reserve fleet, or withdrawn, its last known location is given with a status code in brackets:


Ancillary vehicle

(p) Preserved


Privately owned vehicle garaged in the depot indicated.




Being cannibalised for spares


Driver Trainer







I have followed the system used by the PSV Circle with the following idiosyncrasies:

I don't distinguish between Partial and Full Open Top vehicles; all of them are O.

Express-type individual seating is denoted by E.

Recovery vehicles and vans are not buses hence R is used instead of B.


Livery codes are as follows.


ADV   Advert

Overall advert which may be any colour. What the advert is for is shown in the R/B column.

FGA Airport Express

Two-tone purple with "Glasgow Airport Express" branding and white First fleetnames.

FGC Barbie 1

Off-white with reflex blue skirt topped with rubine red band, willowleaf device, rubine red flyaway F motif and First fleetnames with reflex blue and rubine red bands below upper deck windows on double deckers.

FGD Dual Purpose livery

Off-white with reflex blue skirt, swept down by a reflex blue/rubine red willowleaf at the front and First fleetnames.

FGF Olympia Livery with fleetnames

White with reflex blue skirt topped with rubine red band and lilac stripe, rising diagonally at the back, pink flyaway F logos and large GLASGOW fleetnames.

FGH Hybrid Silver with rubine red skirt and First fleetnames.
FGM Minibus Livery

Off-white with reflex blue skirt topped with rubine red band and First fleetnames.

FGN New Livery

White with reflex blue and lilac stripe rising diagonally at the back and white First fleetnames.

FGO Olympia

White with reflex blue skirt topped with rubine red band and lilac stripe, rising diagonally at the back, pink flyaway F logos and First Glasgow fleetnames.

FGT Training Livery

White with reflex blue skirt topped with rubine red band and lilac stripe, rising diagonally at the back, large driver training adverts, hideous purple and pink chevrons front and rear and First Glasgow fleetnames.

GCN Glasgow Corporation (new)

Green top, marigold bottom, separated by cream band.


White with Verona green lower deck panels, yellow upper deck panels and GG logo.


Overall red.

SBL Strathclyde's Buses

Orange with black window surrounds and skirt, and Strathclyde's Buses fleetnames.


Marigold with a grey skirt, and SPT MyBus fleetnames.


Carmine with cream window surrounds above a blue band, both swept down in a beak shape at the front, and SPT bus fleetnames.

WHI White

Overall White.  



Route branding colours are shown below:


1 "fast to city" branded Olympia livery with "the one" below windows.
1(revised) "fast to city" branded Olympia livery with "the one" above windows.


Red "UWS Link" branded New livery.


Pink "SimpliCITY" branded Olympia livery.


Gold "First Xpress" branded Olympia livery.


Red branded New livery.


Teal branded New livery.


Turquoise branded New livery.


Light blue branded New livery.


Fuchsia branded New livery.


Yellow branded New livery.


Blue "Hospital connect" branded Olympia livery.


Blue branded New livery.


Gold "First Xpress" branded Olympia livery.


"Lanarkshire connect" branded Olympia livery.


Blue "Lanarkshire connect" branded Olympia livery.


Red branded New livery.


Amber branded New livery.

Where a vehicle carries an overall advert (denoted by ADV in the livery column), or a full side advert (denoted by ˝ before the livery worn by the rest of the bus), the route branding column carries a note of what the advert is for.


DT indicates a driver trainer.

PO indicates a privately owned bus stored on FG premises. Where this is a former First Glasgow vehicle, its old fleetnumber is still shown.

The vehicle history is then given, starting with the most recent.

Previous registrations are noted at the end. Renumberings are noted at the appropriate point in the vehicle's history.

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