Restoration Work Record

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It takes a surprising amount of work to get even a little improvement in the overall state of the bus. Here's a list of everything we've had to do so far.

Work record of restoration to date

Monday 10/6/13
Spare keys for the new ignition switch were cut - rather important as it only had one slightly broken key with it!
Saturday 8/6/13 - Sunday 9/6/13
The retarder relay box was changed to the one off N661 LBX. At the same time, the I and II stage relays were connected back onto the retarder. The lack of problems suggest they were previously disconnected as the relays were sticking.
A lot of dubious wiring in the dashboard was tidied and wrapped in heatshrink.
The ignition switch was replaced with a key-operated ignition barrel as the bus would have had when new.
The actual dashboard was replaced with one of our spare ones which had previously been repainted, necessitating transferring most of the switches, lights and dials although in some cases better ones were installed.
The opportunity was taken to fit an oil pressure gauge and a destination board light switch although they are not yet connected up.
Monday 3/6/13
After the starter motor failed (that's the 3rd one died!!), we decided to splash out on a NEW one, which was successfully fitted.
Saturday 1/6/13
The indicator stalk was replaced with one which still had the horn on the end.
This involved removing the steering wheel, so it was put on straight afterwards.
Saturday 29/9/12
One battery was found to have a failed cell. It was replaced temporarily with the survivor of a pair of batteries out MSD 407 or 408, I forget which.
Saturday 25/8/12
The low water alarm buzzer sensor was replaced, although on investigation, the old one only needed cleaned. It's basically a floating magnet and a whole load of rust flakes had stuck to it so it wouldn't properly close.
Saturday 28/7/12
The horn was replaced with a new pair from ebay. The old one gurgled when shaken and the water wouldn't come out.
Friday 15/6/12
The starter motor was replaced (with the one off the old engine), in a laybye in Ballachulish. Not the best of places for roadside maintenance but at least there was less traffic than the hard shoulder of a motorway!
Friday 25/5/12
Annual MOT passed - yippee!
Thursday 24/5/12
Massive amounts of red oxide was painted onto the recently welded chassis at the back.
Wednesday 14/4/12
The tappet clearances were adjusted.
Sunday 26/2/12 - Thursday 24/5/12
Extensive welding, removal of rusted and/or nonexistent bits of box section and welding in of new sections was carried out to the rear subframe, and rear swan-necks.
Saturday 20/8/11
The gearbox modulator cable was finally reconnected. Technically it's only now that the engine change is complete.
Tuesday 12/4/11
The air pressure switch for the brake lights was fixed.
The bus passed the MOT.
Friday   1/4/11
The rear subframe was welded in preparation for the MOT.
The windscreen washers were fixed.
Wednesday 10/11/10
The nearside window pillars were finally painted - this had been on the list since early 2006!
Tuesday 09/11/10
The wiper park mechanism was reconnected, allowing the wipers to automatically park at the centre of the screen.
The outside door button was replaced with an unchipped one.
by 30/09/10
New engine bay liners were made up and soundproofing was (finally) applied to them, and the sides of the engine bay that we left unfinished back in March.
New wheelarch liners were made up and fitted, to allow for added sound deadening to be fitted between the inner and outer liners.
Sunday 05/09/10
The orange bits on the replacement door panel were repainted.
Saturday 04/09/10
The door glass was removed again (sealant wouldn't dry) and replaced with different sealant.
Tuesday 31/08/10
The door glass was stuck back on to the frame.
Monday 30/08/10
A replacement panel was fitted to the emergency door and partly painted.
Thursday 19/08/10
The emergency door was stripped back to the frame, which was sanded and red oxided ready to reattach the glass.
Wednesday 18/08/10
The interior trim and outer rubbers were stripped from the emergency door in preparation for reattaching the glass.
Sunday 30/05/10
A new bracket for the skirt panel was fitted.
The bus was taken for a test run, and no problems were observed, at last!
Friday 28/05/10
A new stop solenoid was fitted
One wheelarch skirt panel came off as its bracket had rusted to nothing.
Tuesday 25/05/10
Having removed the stop solenoid plunger, the bus runs again, so a new stop solenoid is on order. Maybe the engine change saga is nearing an end?
Sunday 23/05/10
After replacing the fuel filter drain plug sealing washer, the fuel system was bled up to the fuel pump. Despite this, the bus still wouldn't start, suggesting the fuel pump is faulty. The stop solenoid is now highly suspect.
Thursday 20/05/10
Looks like I spoke too soon. Today the bus wouldn't start, not even bleeding the injectors helped.
Sunday 16/05/10
The bus got through to the Lathalmond Spring Running Day, suggesting it's now properly working.
Monday 05/04/10
A broken nut on one of the radiator pipes caused a small coolant leak and had to be replaced.
Despite driving the bus round the depot and nearby streets all afternoon, there was no sign of the cutout problem. We're now hoping that it was a one-off and we've been unlucky. Only time will tell.
Wednesday 31/03/10
The bus passed its MoT - less than a week ago, it didn't even have an engine!
On the way back from the MoT, it broke down (fuel pump cut out) and had to be towed back again.
The lift pump was replaced, proving that in fact there hadn't been anything wrong with the old one.
Tuesday 30/03/10
The compressor was reconnected
The bus was driven round the garage under the new engine's power.
Sunday 28/03/10
The bus was started with its new engine, following a few minutes to bleed the injectors. 
The batteries were reconnected. 
The crossmember under the gearbox was reattached. 
All fluids (Automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid and antifreeze) were refilled
The gearbox modulator cable, speedometer drive connector, oil cooling pipes, temperature sensor, and propshaft) were reconnected
The gearbox was refitted, along with the torque convertor.
The wiper motor was bolted back on and the wiper arms reattached.
The dashboard and steering column surrounds were reassembled. I can't remember why we had them open in the first place! 
The radiator was reinstalled and plumbed in. 
The turbocharger downpipe was fitted, although it is not yet attached to the rest of the exhaust. 
Saturday 27/03/10
The front crossmember was bolted back on. 
The alternator and starter motor wires were all reconnected. 
The fuel lines were reconnected. 
The air intakes to both the engine and the compressor were reconnected. 
The temperature sensor, start inhibit wire and compressor pressure switch were all reconnected.
The throttle cable, and emergency engine stop cable were reconnected. 
The gearbox oil cooler and filter were reattached and reconnected, with a new layer of rubber to protect the cooler from the mounting bracket being made of a section of treadmaster from N661 LBX's floor 
Friday 26/03/10
The engine was bolted back into its mountings. 
The oil sump was removed and cleaned of sludge. 
The sump gasket was replaced. 
Thursday 25/03/10
The engine was plonked back in the bus.
The side panel gasket and gear cover gasket were both replaced, as were the injector pipes.
Saturday 20/03/10
The back and top of the engine bay were covered in new layers of acoustic foam to make the bus quieter.
Tuesday 16/03/10
New wheelarch side panels (to fit between the engine and the wheels) were cut to fit.
Monday 15/03/10
The fan, fan pulley, hub and the vibration damper were removed to allow inspection of the gear cover gasket on the new engine.
Monday 15/03/10
Although the gear cover gasket actually didn't look too bad, the seal round the crankshaft end where the damper bolts on looked rather more suspect and will be replaced.
Saturday 14/03/10
A rusty chunk of box section below the windscreen was removed. A replacement section has been welded in some time in the past, but the original bit was never removed.
The chassis surrounding E186 BNS's engine bay was scraped clean of a mix of oil and underseal and repainted with red oxide.
Sunday 07/03/10
N661 LBX's engine and E186 BNS's gearbox were degreased and washed. The oil stains suggest the engine needs a few gaskets replaced.
Saturday 06/03/10
N661 LBX's engine was removed. Now we just have to start putting things back together!
N661 LBX's power steering pipes were disconnected.
Tuesday 02/03/10
N661 LBX's engine was disconnected, except the power steering pipes.
Sunday 28/02/10
N661 LBX's engine and gearbox drained.
N661 LBX's gearbox disconnected and removed
The torque convertor retaining ring from N661 LBX's gearbox was fitted to E186 BNS's gearbox as its captive nuts are still well attached.
N661 LBX front bumper removed.
Saturday 27/02/10
E186 BNS engine removed - big step in the right direction!
Wednesday 24/02/10
Engine disconnection continued with the compressor air outlet, fuel line to lift pump, leak off line to tank, emergency engine stop cable, starter motor and alternator wires, oil pressure sensor wire, saloon heater pipes to block, power steering pipes at pump and front chassis crossmember.
Thursday 18/02/10
E186 BNS's coolant was drained (hopefully for the last time before we put new stuff in!)
The radiator was removed again.
The gearbox oil cooler was removed
Engine disconnection began with various pipes, several hoses, radiator mountings, dipstick tube, oil filter pipes, throttle cable, modulator cable, air intake and associated pipes, compressor pipes and sensor line, fuel pump wire, thermostatic switch wire, wiper motor and linkages.
Sunday 14/02/10
E186 BNS's engine oil and automatic transmission fluid were drained.
All connections to E186 BNS's gearbox (pipes, wires, cables and propshaft) were removed
E186 BNS's gearbox oil filter was removed
E186 BNS's gearbox was removed (this is necessary to allow the engine to come out without jamming the gearbox on the axle). The torque convertor stayed on the engine as a result of a not-captive-any-more nut.
Finally, the torque convertor was removed and drained.
Saturday 13/02/10
The axle ratios of both buses were checked, and were both found to be 3.54:1 as expected.
Wednesday 10/02/10
E186 BNS's cooling system was reassembled to allow the bus to warm up prior to draining fluids in preparation for engine removal.
Wednesday 03/02/10
N661 LBX had its gearbox drained and refilled with ATF
The throttle and modulator cables were adjusted on N661 LBX.
N661 LBX had a test drive, and was found still to be sluggish, so we will keep the existing gearbox in E186 BNS and just swap the engines.
Tuesday 02/02/10
Optare MetroRider N661 LBX (formerly N100 WCM), an Optare MetroRider of West Coast Motors was collected from Campbeltown Depot. On the trip down to Glasgow, it was found to be sluggish, and had engine oil in the gearbox.
Sunday 06/12/09
All radiator hoses were removed, flushed and degreased. Eventually the overheat was traced to a stuck thermostat.
Given the back pressure, and the blown cylinder head gasket, a replacement engine is being sought
Sunday 22/11/09
Front grille and bumper removed to investigate the overheating.
Radiator removed and flushed. No sign of any major blockages.
Wednesday 02/09/09
Following correct adjustment, the alternator was refitted.
On test, the bus revealed that the overheating had blown the cylinder head gasket.
The test did, however, show the charging issues were fixed.
Saturday 29/08/09
The propshaft was reconnected (a month after it was disconnected to allow the bus to be towed!)
Sometime in August 2009
The alternator was removed again, and taken back for adjustment so as to charge the bus properly.
Sunday 01/08/09
On a trip up north, the bus overheated and had to be towed back to the garage in disgrace.
Before overheating, it was noticed that the alternator was only charging at high revs.
Friday 31/07/09
The alternator was refitted, following reconditioning.
The thermostat gasket was replaced.
Sunday 26/07/09
Probable alternator failure diagnosed by Bod.
Alternator removed to be sent for repair and reconditioning.
Tuesday 16/06/09
Assorted wires to the ignition solenoid were replaced in a (futile) effort to fix an intermittent inability to start.
Friday 10/04/09
En route to Kirkby Stephen, the bus developed some severe back pressure, pumping all its oil out the dipstick tube. After topping it up, we carried on slowly and made it there and back.
Thursday 09/04/09
Assorted rusty nuts and bolts inside the saloon were replaced with new shiny ones.
The paint on the handpoles was touched up.
Tuesday 17/03/09
Passed the MOT for another year.
Friday 27/02/09
The replacement starter was fitted, along with new terminals on the wires.
Tuesday 24/02/09
A replacement starter motor was removed from Glasgow Citybus P916 XUG.
Sunday 15/02/09
The starter motor was removed in an attempt to fix a slight short which caused a spark on starting up.
Sunday 14/12/08
One of the new injectors managed to work loose, so they were all retightened.
Sunday 09/11/08
The demister motor was insulated from its bracket, fixing a short, and the blower box was reassembled.
Sunday 02/11/08
The demister blower box was dismantled to gain access to the blower motor, which isn't working.
Sunday 26/10/08
The injectors were replaced, dramatically improving the bus's ability to start unaided in cold weather.
Tuesday 17/06/08
The bottom of the air filter housing was changed.
Sunday 25/05/08
The air filter was changed.
Saturday 17/05/08
The wheels were painted.
The redundant screwholes in the offside skirt panels were filled.
Various bits of paintwork, including the new filler, were touched up.
The seats were vacuumed.
A new Metrorider destination blind was fitted.
New carpet doorsteps were cut and fitted.
The idle speed was adjusted.
The bus was taken for a test drive, during which the idle speed dropped to stalling point.
An oil leak was fixed.
A diesel leak was fixed.
The idle speed was adjusted again.
The idle speed adjustment screw was replaced.
Friday 16/05/08
Chrome wheelnut rings were fitted, improving the look of the bus.
The wheelnuts were retightened to the correct torque settings, following a brief bedding-down run.
Thursday 15/05/08
With the oil and antifreeze refilled, the bus started and drove up and down the shed a few times. Everything seems to be working again.
The nearside wing was reassembled
The saloon step edges were repainted where they had been patched.
Tuesday 06/05/08
The exhaust bracket was red-oxided thoroughly.
The compressor was refitted.
Sunday 04/05/08
A new bracket was manufactured to hold the end of the exhaust pipe in place.
Tuesday 29/04/08
The compressor was reassembled, ready for fitting.
Monday 28/04/08
The repaired framework and new air tank were red-oxided.
Sunday 27/04/08
New brackets for the air tank were welded on.
Tuesday 22/04/08
The framework behind the air tank was welded up and repaired. To improve access, the back wheels were removed.
Sunday 20/04/08
The mounting plate for the old air tank was removed, revealing more rotten framework, the worst bit of which was cut out.
The connectors from the old air tank were fitted to the new one, ready for fitting.
A poor quality patch in the saloon step riser was cut out ready for replacement.
Saturday 19/04/08
The new oil and fuel filters were fitted.
The framework around the leaky bit of exhaust pipe was polished up and red-oxided.
Various stubborn nuts and bolts were left to soak in penetrating oil to aid removal of the air tank straps and the exhaust clamp.
Tuesday 15/04/08
The auxiliary air tank, which has a slight leak, was removed ready for replacement.
The skirt panel at the exhaust pipe was removed to improve access to the leaky bit of the exhaust pipe
Sunday 13/04/08
The compressor was stripped down, revealing a blown gasket between the inlet and output pipes.
The fuel filter was removed.
The oil was drained, and the oil filter removed, in preparation for an oil change.
Tuesday 08/04/08
The replacement inner front wing was rivetted into place.
Sunday 06/04/08
The framework around the front wheelarch was polished up and painted with red oxide.
Replacement panels to make the front wheelarch were cut, the previous ones being corroded to rubbish..
The dodgy compressor was removed, after dismantling half the front of the bus.
The fuel lift pump was replaced.
A number plate screw was straightened up by approx. 1 degree!
Tuesday 01/04/08
The front wing was removed, along with the wheel arch liner to allow access to the compressor.
Tuesday 18/03/08
The front brake pads were replaced.
The safety valve was replaced, and it was discovered that the non-return valve had no spring in it. Replacing this revealed that the compressor won't build up enough pressure without a lot of revving, so it needs replaced too.
The recently replaced bit of panel strapping was painted orange at the top and bottom.
The bus passed its 3rd MoT.
Sunday 16/03/08
The fibreglass panels had all the redundant screwholes filled and painted.  
The latest air leak was traced to the safety valve which seems to open at too low a pressure. 
Thursday 13/03/08
The fibreglass panels were reattached. 
Another air leak started up. Sigh! 
A very badly repaired piece of panel strapping was replaced.
Wednesday 12/03/08
Assorted nuts on the engine were tightened up.
Tuesday 11/03/08
A second coat of red oxide was applied.
Sunday 09/03/08
The rear end box sections and new brackets were sanded and painted in red oxide.
Wednesday 05/03/08 + Thursday 06/03/08
New brackets to hold the rear fibreglass panels on were welded into place.
Assorted minor rusty patches on the rear framework were welded up.
Sunday 27/01/08
A couple of bits of white paint were touched up. 
An unexpected air leak was spotted, and repaired. The pipe which regulates the compressor had split where it is screwed in. 
Sunday 20/01/08
Assorted bits of orange paint were touched up
Sunday 06/01/08
The last of the pointless plating on the nearside was battered and ground off. Now we can FINALLY start putting things back together. 
Sunday 30/12/07
Both front indicators were replaced by clean ones, the old ones being cleaned out before being kept as spares.
A dud bulb was replaced in the nearside indicator.
Tuesday 11/12/07 - Sunday 23/12/07
The other fibreglass skirt panels round the back (on both sides) have now been taken off.
The nearside pointless plating was being battered and ground off.
The offside grinding was finished and work has commenced on the nearside and the back.
Sunday 9/12/07
The rest of the dead plating was battered and ground off.
The box section forming the back end of the chassis was polished up ready for welding new brackets on.
Assorted bits of box section were found to be corroded and needing welded.
Sunday 2/12/07
Loads of corroded plating was battered off. This had been intended to keep the rain out, but instead kept it stuck in, gradually rusting. 
Sunday 18/11/07
Another loose skirt panel was removed, this time the offside back corner. It had only been held on with one very rusty bracket and a lot of good luck since the other 3 brackets had rusted to nothing.
Sunday 21/10/07
A loose skirt panel was removed, loads of muck was cleared out from behind it and the panel was refitted.
Sunday 05/08/07
The oil in the diff / back axle was topped up.
Sunday 22/04/07
The offside tail light cluster was replaced. One of the bulbs had blown and was so corroded into place that it was impossible to replace.
Wednesday 18/04/07
The interior back window surrounds were repainted to hide the river marks left by the leaks from the rubbers.
Sunday 01/04/07
A rusted-to-nothing budgie lock holding the battery flap shut was replaced with one which actually works.
Thursday 22/03/07
Another "new" speedometer was fitted. This one not only works, but it shows the right speed!
Sunday 18/03/07
The throttle was adjusted to ensure correct operation.
Tuesday 13/03/07
New brackets were made.
The new throttle cable was fitted ready for adjustment.
Monday 12/03/07
A new throttle cable was bought.
Monday 05/03/07 - Tuesday 06/03/07
The bus passed its MoT again, and then the throttle cable snapped on the way back.
The air filter was removed and cleaned up.
Sunday 04/03/07
The Wayfarer was programmed with a variety of appropriate tickets.
Sunday 25/02/07
The throttle mechanism was reassembled again, and this time it worked!
Sunday 18/02/07
The throttle mechanism was greased, reassembled and boxed in, then disconnected itself while under test, and had to be un-boxed, and disconnected again. One step forward and 3 back!
New metal number plates replaced the old plastic ones, after I broke the front one while crawling out from under the bus last week.
Glow-in-the-dark labels replaced the tippex scrawls identifying the various dashboard switches. This will make night driving far easier.
Sunday 11/02/07
A new length of flexi exhaust pipe was fitted, replacing the blown part
Both driving mirrors were replaced with new ones, improving backwards vision incredibly well.
Boxes were mounted under the back seats to give us some extra storage space.
Tuesday 06/02/07
A blown section of exhaust was removed, ready for replacement.
The throttle mechanism was inspected, disconnected and greased.
Sunday 04/02/07
The emergency door handle was changed, in order to give us a working lock.
Sunday 28/01/07
The Wayfarer ticket machine was installed, and is working.
The stubborn access panels under the back seats were opened, giving access to the "boot", filled with 20 years of dirt which filled the hoover!
Thursday 25/01/07
A second batch of Radweld was added, this successfully fixing the water leak.
Sunday 21/01/07
Radweld was added in an attempt to fix a water leak without having to remove the alternator and fan belt to get in to replace a gasket.
Tuesday 16/01/07
Rear window rubbers were stickaflexed to seal the gaps at each corner, which were letting the rain in.
Wednesday 27/12/06
The modulator was adjusted so the bus would change out of first gear in less than a century.
Sunday 03/12/06
A switch was wired in on the destination board lights, so they can be turned off after dark.
Sunday 26/11/06
The cab wall pole was screwed back on, having come loose over the last few months. Hopefully this time it'll stay put.
Tuesday 21/11/06
The iffy spring clip on the bonnet was replaced.
Sunday 19/11/06
A new pair of windscreen wipers were fitted, improving wet weather visibility no end.
Sunday 12/11/06
The engine started firing on only 5 cylinders. Ian Walker took one look at it and it started working, so we took it for a run.
Sunday 05/11/06
The emergency engine stop was painted red since the red plastic had faded over the last 18 years and been painted partly blue on a few occasions!
Sunday 15/10/06
A leaking screw above the front window was siliconed up
A chip in the battery flap was repaired.
The screenwash tank lid was put in place, replacing the old washing powder bottle lid that had been there before.
Thursday 17/08/06
The last two trim caps were finally refitted and painted.
"215" fleet numbers were applied on the front and above the filler cap.
Thursday 03/08/06
The spare wheel was parked in a seat frame with the cushion removed. It could hardly have been a better spare wheel rack if it had tried!.
Tuesday 01/08/06
The "Pull for Emergency Engine Stop" lettering was reapplied.
Tuesday 25/07/06
The rear bumper damage and front screwholes were painted at last.
Sunday 23/07/06
The rear bumper damage and front screwholes were undercoated.
Tuesday 18/07/06 - Sunday 23/07/06
The rear bumper damage was patched and filled ready for repainting.
The extra screwholes in the front bumper were filled ready for painting.
Sunday 16/07/06
We took the bus out for a run in the sun, and had a great day other than grounding the back bumper on a speedbump. A little more patching is now needed.
Tuesday 11/07/06
The other side of the spare wheel was painted silver. Both sides of the tyre were then blackwalled
Sunday 09/07/06
The spare wheel was cleaned of oily gunge and one side was painted silver.
Wednesday 05/07/06
A spare wheel was acquired. This has been on the "To Do" list since slightly before we bought the bus!
Tuesday 27/06/06
The number blinds were replaced with cleaner versions.
Sunday 25/06/06
The bus took part in the Glasgow Parade of Wheels, bringing up the rear because it was the newest bus on parade!
Thursday 22/06/06
The back brake chambers were both replaced, since in the words of Ian Walker, "If one of them's blown, chances are the other is due to go too!".
Tuesday 20/06/06
The bus was washed to get the Bo'ness soot off!
An air leak appeared at the back brakes, preventing pressure building up, and making it virtually impossible to drive except in 10m bursts.
Saturday 17/06/06
The bus went to the Bo'ness steam railway running day.
Friday 16/06/06
Following drilling of the mounting brackets, the new front bumper was finally bolted on, with moderate difficulty (11pm)!
Thursday 15/06/06
The glass cab wall was fitted, replacing the metal one we had before.
Wednesday 14/06/06
The rubber trim in the brightwork was all reattached, covering all the new screws (See 25/05/06) and filling all the space.
The new bumper mounting brackets were welded into place and painted in red oxide.
The cab wall mounting brackets were painted.
The new bumper was lightly sanded then painted blue.
Tuesday 13/06/06
The front bumper was removed again to allow grinding off of some rusted framework and the mounting brackets, which were replaced
All the above was thoroughly painted in red oxide.
The new bumper was undercoated blue.
Sunday 11/06/06
The front bumper was trial fitted to get bolt holes in the right places.
Monday 05/06/06 - Thursday 08/06/06
The repaired sections of the front bumper were catalloyed up to the correct profile. This took several layers.
Friday 02/06/06
The repaired sections of the front bumper were fibreglassed to shape.
Thursday 01/06/06
Plates to strengthen the front bumper were riveted and glued into place.
Wednesday 31/05/06
Plates to strengthen the front bumper were made up and tacked into place.
Tuesday 30/05/06
The old holes in the cab wall brackets were filled.
The new bumper was prepared for painting
Sunday 28/05/06
New screwholes were bored through the cab wall mounting brackets. Inevitably the new cab wall has holes in a slightly different place from the old one.
One of the handpoles at the back of the cab was moved slightly to enable fitment of a new glass cab wall, like the bus would have had when new.
New bonnet prop screwed firmly to frame. The old one was wobbly and too short.
Longer windscreen washer pipe fitted to one wiper since the previous one was too tight and tended to ping off if the wipers were used.
Thursday 25/05/06
The brightwork below the windows had umpteen screws replaced, stopping a lot of rattles!
A start was made to the replacement bumper. Some old patches on it need tidied up to get it looking as good as new, then it'll get painted and fitted to the bus. Then we can start sticking the old one back together in case we ever need it!
Tuesday 23/05/06
The bumper was taken off (in 3 pieces!) in preparation for tidying up and fitting the replacement.
Sunday 21/05/06
The bus got to Lathalmond in one piece, running well, and came back rather the worse off after an argument with a stray rock broke the other side of the front bumper (not the side which was hit by a pheasant on return from Kirkby Stephen). We really must get a new bumper now!
Thursday 18/05/06
The handpole brackets were repainted in gloss black and the final coat of orange was applied to some of the handpoles around the front, as well as some of the outside which had been over-zealously white-painted.
The black step edges round the door, windscreen and quarterlight gaskets and wiper arms were repainted tyrewall black.
The trim caps were painted black, except the two which aren't on yet.
The emergency door hinges and lock were oiled.
Tuesday 16/05/06
The pathetic "Mweep-Mweep" horn was swapped with one off Peter's other bus (LA1204), so now we get a decent noise out it. Mind you, if you can't hear the engine in time to jump out the way, the horn won't make any difference!
Sunday 14/05/06
Interior of the bus was thoroughly swept, hoovered and mopped out to remove muck from a scaffolding pole collection trip (don't ask!)
A final sanding to some of the handpoles round the door was carried out to the sound of loud groans!
Tuesday 09/05/06
Finally, the white areas of the bus got their gloss coat seen to!
Monday 08/05/06
Some leftover screwholes in the bonnet were filled.
The bus was out for a run to show it off to assorted friends who had been promised a trip in it!
Sunday 30/04/06
Spring cleaning - Bus swept out; and washed. Also a start was made to de-mud-ing the back end of the chassis.
Thursday 20/04/06
Antifreeze topped up again. This bus is noticeably thirsty!
Saturday 15/04/06 + Sunday 16/04/06
The bus went to the Kirkby Stephen rally, and performed well, although a suicidal pheasant caused some damage to the front bumper on the way home!
Saloon light diffusers and tubes were cleaned out during the return journey.
Friday 14/04/06
The wheel centres, wiper arms, mirror arms and number plate lights were touched up in black
The second coat of orange was applied to the orange bits of the outside.
New swivel clips were attached to the bonnet to hold it shut until a bonnet catch can be sourced.
Thursday 13/04/06
The first coat of orange was applied to the orange bits of the outside.
The tyres were blackwall painted.
Wednesday 12/04/06
The wheels were all sanded down and repainted in silver.
The skirt received a second coat of blue.
The outside of the destination glass was scrubbed with steel wool to remove some very stubborn dirt.
The new fire extinguisher was installed in its new bracket behind the driving seat
Some bits of undercoat were sanded down and redone to obtain a better finish.
Tuesday 11/04/06
The undercoating was completed.
The skirt panels were lightly sanded and repainted in blue.
Monday 10/04/06
Front and rear sanded down
Nearside uprights sanded back to the metal to remove chips.
Sunday 09/04/06
The offside sanding was completed, and the back was sanded.
The nearside front hubcap was filled, pending the discovery of a suitable replacement.
The panel in the emergency door was filled.
The destination gear was removed, had its mask reattached and was then refitted.
Saturday 08/04/06
The offside sanding work continued.
Thursday 06/04/06
A start was made to the offside sanding down ready for painting.
Wednesday 05/04/06
The nearside sanding work was completed.
The nearside was undercoated in white.
The front numberplate was moved back to its original position towards the bottom of the bumper. The bumper behind it was thoroughly cleaned
The destination box mask was re-repainted following some chips
Tuesday 04/04/06
A start was made on undercoating the nearside panels. The intention had been to touch the bus up in Strathtay colours, but this rapidly developed into a full repaint!
Sunday 02/04/06
The back of the cab was reassembled, following completion of the handpoles round it.
All remaining replacement trim caps were fitted, but the two originals are still to be fixed back on.
Tuesday 28/03/06
The first of the replacement trim caps was put in place. Once they're all in, all the trim caps will be painted.
The destination gear was put back in place at long last!
"Kirkby Stephen" was made up and squeezed in at the end of the destination blind.
Sunday 26/03/06
The handpoles received their second coat of orange paint. This should be the final coat for most of them.
The destination box was finished - the riveting was done, so all that needs done now is putting it back in place.
Saturday 25/03/06
More of the nearside was sanded down where the paintwork needs patched.
The filler work on the offside rear bumper was finished off.
The handpoles were lightly sanded in preparation for their second coat of orange.
Thursday 23/03/06
A start was made on sanding down the nearside panels in preparation for a repaint.
Thursday 16/03/06
The back panel of the drivers cab was temporarily removed (again) to improve access to the handpoles.
The handpoles received their first coat of orange today, brightening up the inside of the bus no end!
Thursday 09/03/06
The handpole on the door was sanded and given a second coat of undercoat.
Reshaping the offside bumper corner commenced. This one had been patched untidily before. 
The nearside bumper hole was finished off.
Sunday 05/03/06
The hole in the back bumper which we filled for the MoT was sanded down, and gradually built up to the proper shape, rather than just being a plug.
Refilling the radiator was finally completed (see 22/12/05), after an airlock finally worked itself clear, leading to the Low Water warning light coming on!
Tuesday 28/02/06
The bus passed its first Class V Mot test - Woohoo
Sunday 26/02/06
Most of the destination box was reassembled.
A hole in the back bumper was filled, in preparation for the impending MoT test.
The back of the drivers cab was reattached, along with various bits of padding, in preparation for the impending MoT test.
The inside of the bus was tidied up and swept out again (dirt just appears, no matter how careful you are!)
Thursday 23/02/06
The handpoles were undercoated in white, in preparation for a return to the original orange.
Sunday 19/02/06
The areas around the handpoles began to be masked off ready for painting the poles.
Thursday 16/02/06
The offside brightwork above the windows was cleared of black paint, getting it back to the original silver aluminium. Finally that's all the brightwork done.
Sunday 12/02/06
The cab windows, windscreen, doors and rear windscreen were treated with anti-misting stuff, in case it works.
Thursday 02/02/06
The offside brightwork below the windows was cleared of black paint, getting it back to the original silver aluminium.
Tuesday 31/01/06
The nearside uprights between the windows were cleared of black paint, to see whether they look better in black or silver.
Sunday 29/01/06
The nearside brightwork above the windows was cleared of black paint, getting it back to the original silver aluminium.
Thursday 26/01/06
The handpole sanding was completed.
The nearside brightwork below the windows was cleared of black paint, getting it back to the original silver aluminium.
The access flaps to the destination gear and door mechanism were fully cleaned, and the destination striplights were reattached.
The graffiti on one seatback was scrubbed off.
Sunday 22/01/06
A start was made on sanding down the handpoles prior to their repaint into "Strathclyde Red" (orange) as they would have been originally.
The back panel of the drivers cab was temporarily removed to improve access to the handpoles.
The destination striplights were removed for cleaning.
The destination box and door mechanism access flaps were roughly cleaned off removing the worst of the gunk.
Saturday 21/01/06
The bus was washed again, to get rid of the road dirt left by last weeks trip.
The remaining nearside windows were cleaned, along with the offside and back windows.
The new fleetnumber plates were cut to size, to see how they look. They aren't in the right font, but most people seem convinced by them.
Sunday 15/01/06
"On" and "Off" stickers were positioned to make the electrical isolator easier to figure out!
Most of the nearside windows were cleaned.
The inside of the destination aperture was finished off with aluminium paint.
The bus got its first trip out of Bridgeton today, revealing a leak from one corner which will require attention. Other than that, it was a very good run.
Thursday 12/01/06
The windscreen glass was cleaned inside and out, and a start made on cleaning cab window and doors.
Wednesday 11/01/06
The destination aperture mask was painted. The next job will be reassembly!
The number box mechanism was reassembled and returned to working order.
Sunday 08/01/06
The number box rods were sanded and painted.
Thursday 05/01/06
The front and wings were cleaned with thinners.
A start was made on painting the interior of the destination box with aluminium paint.
Wednesday 04/01/06
The remaining pieces of the destination winding gear and blind box were cleaned with white spirit/oil/scourer.
Tuesday 03/01/06
Finished cleaning the offside panels with thinners, removing glue and tarry spots from road.
The faulty indicator stalk was investigated, and after dismantling the switch unit, a small cherry stone was found lodged inside! After removing this, the stalk began to operate all positions correctly, albeit a bit loose due to being forced until now.
The seatbelt ends were removed from all seats without belts, and the bottom of all seat frames were dusted off.
Monday 02/01/06
The final remains of foam/silicone on upright handpoles were removed, and the paintwork smoothed where it had been damaged in the process.
Continued the cleaning of offside panels with thinners to remove remains of advert glue.
Friday 30/12/05 + Saturday 31/12/05
Continued the cleaning of the route number/destination winding gear and blind box. It is now almost ready for reassembly.
Thursday 29/12/05
The destination glass was cleaned (inside and out), and inside the destination box area was vacuumed out.
The faulty nearside indicator bulb was replaced after much difficulty in removing the cover!
Sockets for 250V were installed at either end of the trunking - at rear just forward of emergency door, and at front just behind driver's cab bulkhead, and heavy three core flex was used as mains cable to "plug in" the bus to an extension cable.
Most of the foam/silicone on upright handpoles was removed, unfortunately taking some paint with it.
Two clip-on lamps were wired up to provide 250V lighting inside bus when required.
Suitably-coloured pieces of carpet matching the linoleum were cut to fit doorsteps to act as doormats when the bus is in use. They were not put in place just now as they would get filthy far too quickly!
Cardboard was cut to fit the steps and gangway and stuck in place with Duck-tapeTM .
Tuesday 27/12/05
The alternator drive belt was tightened slightly to eliminate slippage and squeaking.
The non-matching offside rear saloon light was removed, and a replacement of the correct type obtained from E197 BNS was fitted.
The nearside front wheel was wire-brushed, revealing a rotten hub cover requiring replacement.
A start was made on scraping off remains of foam/silicone on upright handpoles, but it was very well stuck.
Mini-trunking was cut to size and put in place along the top of the offside seat rail to allow the installation of a limited 250V power and lighting circuit, and twin core/earth cable was run through the trunking.
Sunday 25/12/05 + Monday 26/12/05
A start was made on cleaning route number/destination winding gear and blind box.
Thursday 22/12/05
Additional destinations were made up and attached to our previously obtained Knightswood destination blind.
The radiator system was drained and refilled with fresh "50-50" antifreeze. The previous stuff was a mixture of antifreeze and windscreen cleaning fluid, highly watered down.
The destination winding gear was removed as one number track was defective. Replacement gear obtained from sister bus E197 BNS was established to be in fully working order.
The replacement destination winding gear was dismantled for cleaning/painting over the Christmas holiday!
Tuesday 20/12/05
A start was made on cleaning offside panels with thinners to remove remains of advert glue.
Heat gun used in air intake to help the bus to start in cold conditions - a seemingly successful strategy.
Sunday 18/12/05
The nearside panels were cleaned with thinners to remove remaining glue left by the advert.
All seat frames and step edgings were cleaned with warm soapy water, to remove built up dust and ingrained dirt. The step edgings actually came up white! (See photo comparing the clean and dirty steps either side of the gangway - bottom of page.)
The rear light lenses and fittings were thoroughly cleaned, removing built up muck and grime. The offside light cluster had half an inch of soil with moss growing on it at the bottom of the fog light. It smelled like a fishtank in need of a clean!
Thursday 15/12/05
The entire rear end was cleaned with thinners to remove remaining glue left by the advert as well as tarry spots and road dirt.
A start was made on cleaning off the glue left by the nearside advert.
All remaining seat cushions were hoovered.
Tuesday 13/12/05
The spare panels acquired from sister E197 BNS were cleared of muck and stored away.
The exterior of bus was washed, brightening appearance slightly, and revealing some leaks.
The nearside advert was removed with the heat gun.
The seat cushions were removed for cleaning and to allow easier cleaning of saloon.
The remaining seatbelts were removed from rear seats (except the centre one) and fitted to the front seats. In theory, as the vehicle can attain 65mph, any seats without seats in front of them should have seatbelts.
The seat backs were hoovered, and a start made on vacuuming the seat cushions as well.
The padding was removed from hand grab poles where it had been siliconed on!
The entire saloon was hoovered out.
Sunday 11/12/05
The padding was removed from seat top rails, as it was no longer necessary following removal of the seatbelts.
The saloon was thoroughly swept out.
Saturday 10/12/05
The bus was collected from Strathtay Scottish Arbroath depot.
The injectors had to be bled to get it started, as air seemed to have entered fuel system since our last visit.
The doors were adjusted to work properly.
Various spares were acquired, some from Strathtay stock and some from similar ex-Strathclyde E197 BNS: these included skirt panel mouldings, offside front wing, interior saloon lights, dash panel, switches/lights, front indicator units, and destination winding gear.
The rear advert was removed, unfortunately along with some paint underneath.
Once we got the engine running, the bus drove back to Glasgow with no problems.
Sometime between Wednesday 21/11/05 + Friday 9/12/05
A new nearside wing mirror was fitted.
A torn seat cushion was replaced. The interior was in incredibly good condition for a just-out-of-service bus.
A speedometer was put in.
Missing parts of the door mechanism were replaced.
The seatbelts were removed, except from the back row.

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